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Labro Ängar Naturreservat
Come with me on an educational excursion into the traditional land use of the nutrient-poor meadows, geological forms as witnesses of the last ice age and a species-rich flora and fauna. Labro Ängar nature reserve is the perfect place to explore all those topics in a relatively small area and with little walking distance.
Walking distance: 2,5 km
Duration: 2 hours
Level: easy
Labro Ängar Naturreservat
Labro Ängar Naturreservat flowers
Labro Ängar Naturreservat
Labro Ängar is located directly outside of Nyköping along a bay of the Baltic Sea. On this guided tour through the nature reserve, we have a focus on the traces of the earlier land use and how the species-rich nutrient-poor meadows are cultivated in the traditional style today.
We undertake an excursion into the last ice age while looking at a so-called giant’s kettle - a pot-like hollow form in the bedrock. You will of course receive background information on both the last ice age and this geological object of interest.
From a "bird tower" we enjoy a wonderful view over the bay and parts of the nature reserve Labro Ängar. Here, you can observe many different bird species such as gray herons, cranes and with a little luck even sea eagles.
The distance to be covered is only about 2.5 km and consists of flat paths. We often stop in order to study history and nature. So, it will be more of an educational walk rather than a hike.

Clothing and shoes must be adapted to the weather.

From 275 SEK/pers.
Typical Swedish fika (coffee & pastry) optional.
Labro Ängar Naturreservat
Labro Ängar Naturreservat, jättegryta, giant's kettle
Labro Ängar Naturreservat
More pictures of this hike in the gallery.

For more information please contact me by phone or e-mail.

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Labro Ängar Naturreservat
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