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Femöre Naturreservat
On the peninsula of Femöre you get to experience a combination of breathtakingly beautiful nature and highly interesting history. Come and join me on a walk filled with information about nature, culture and the last ice age.  
Walking distance: 2 km (optional 8 km)
Duration: 2 hours
Level: moderate, forest paths, partly rocky
Femöre, Femörehuvud lighthouse
Femöre Naturreservat, Sörmlandsleden
The Femöre peninsula is beautifully situated on the edge of a group of archipelago islands. However, Femöre is not only worth a visit in terms of landscape. The lighthouse on the cliffs of Femörehuvud and the Femörefort, which was top secret until 2003, are historically extremely interesting.

With me as your guide, you will receive information about the landscape, the last ice age, the development of the Baltic Sea and the history of Femöre.

The guided walk around Femörehuvud is only about 2 km long. We take the Sörmlandsleden hiking path, with the option to leave the path and follow the coast line over the bare bedrock - if this suits your condition. Furthermore, you have to possibility to take a longer walk around the entire peninsula, since there are a variety of marked paths available.
The Femörefort is a facility that was built to defend against possible attacks by the Soviet Union and was part of the Swedish coastal artillery. After the hike, you can explore the Femörefort on a guided tour. NOTE: Reservation may be required! SwedenExperienceTours has no influence on opening hours and availability. For further information please check out the homepage of the Femörefort.

Clothing and shoes must be adapted to the weather.

From 275 SEK/pers.
Typical Swedish fika (coffee & pastry) optional.
Femöre, Femörehuvud, lighthouse
Femöre, Femörehuvud
Femöre Naturreservat
More pictures of this hike in the gallery.

For more information please contact me by phone or e-mail.

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Femörehuvud lighthouse panorama
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