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Strandvillan Gnesta, guided ice age hike with "fika" at Skottvångs Gruva

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You start your journey the night before the hike where you stay at Logi Strandvillan Gnesta. The next morning, the day kicks off with a breakfast at Skottvångs Gruva. Then we walk an approximately 10 km long circular trail in Marvikarnas Nature Reserve. A lunch bag has already been prepared for us and we enjoy lunch by the lake Mellan-Marviken. In the afternoon we end our hike with a typical swedish "fika" (coffee and pastry) in Skottvångs Gruva. If you wish, you can stay another night in Strandvillan in Gnesta.

For groups up to 12 pers.
Strandvillan Gnesta
Stay in Strandvillan Gnesta

Cozy hostel by the lake Frösjön in Gnesta. 200 m from the train station and only 30 min from Stockholm C.

Rent the entire Strandvilla for
6150 SEK first night (from 512 SEK/pers.)
4950 SEK second night (from 412 SEK/pers.)

Marvikarnas Naturreservat
"Ice-age" hike in Marvikarnas Nature Reserve

In Marvikarnas Nature Reserve, we discover the so-called joint valley landscape, which originates from the erosion during the last ice-age. This guided hike combines unique nature with interesting facts about the last ice age as well as plants and animals in today's ecosystem. The entire hike is about 9 km long.

We start at Skottvångs Gruva where we get cheese and ham sandwiches with coffee before the hike. We also take a lunch bag with us from there and enjoy a our lunch break by the lake Mellan-Marviken. Back at Skottvångs Gruva we end our excursion by having a typical swedish "fika" (coffee with pastry or pie with vanilla sauce).

guided hike 8750 SEK
inkl. fika and transport (up to 7 pers.) from Gnesta

Skottvångs Gruva
Skottvångs Gruva

Breakfast 65 SEK/pers.
(cheese and ham sandwiches with coffee)
Lunch-bag 150 SEK/pers.
(pasta salad with air-dried ham and brie cheese, olives, dressing and sun-dried tomatoes. Freshly baked bread, muffins, bottle of lingonberry drink and coffee thermos)
Fika inkluded in the guided hike

Guide Stefanie Sweden Experience Tours
Sphagnum moss
Price example for 1 night in Strandvillan; 12 pers.; guided hike inkl. breakfast, lunch and fika
1456 SEK/pers.

For information and booking please contact
+49 1573 0972593
+46 (0)76 0810511

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