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Around lake Nävsjön

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On this hike around lake Nävsjön we immerse ourselves in the ice age history of Sweden as well as the formation and peculiarities of the moorland through which we hike.
lake Nävsjön, Nävsjömossen Naturreservat
lake Nävsjön, Sörmlandsleden
Route length: 8 km
Duration: approx. 4 hours
Level: moderate, forest paths, partly rocky
Nävsjömossen Naturreservat guided hike Sörmlandsleden
On this 8 km long hike we circle the Nävsjön, an approx. 80 ha large lake near Nävekvarn. In the Nävsjömossen nature reserve we discover unique moorland and wetlands with a specialized flora. The hike mostly takes place on forest paths and partly in rocky terrain over granite bedrock. The unusual shape of the lake offers a lot of variety and numerous bathing opportunities in the bays.
As a geographer and biologist, I offer you detailed information on the formation of the landscape during the last ice age as well as on different types of moorland including their typical vegetation.
There are numerous picnic areas along the way so that breaks can be flexibly adapted to your needs and wishes.
Clothing and shoes must be adapted to the weather.

Typical Swedish fika (coffee & pastry) included.
Lunch after arrangement.
Nävsjömossen Naturreservat guided hike Sörmlandsleden
Nävsjömossen Naturreservat guided hike, Sphagnum moss
lake Nävsjön, Nävsjömossen Naturreservat
For more pictures of this hike please check out the gallery.

For information and booking please contact me by phone or e-mail.

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