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Forest bathing - Shinrin Yoku

Forest bathing with SwedenExperienceTours
Forest bathing with SwedenExperienceTours


On this forest bath you will experience the unique combination of live handpan music and mindfulness exercices in nature as well as a guided meditation in the forest environment.

morning sun in the forest
Forest bathing with live handpan music
Forest bathing meditation
Forest bathing with Stefanie
What is forest bathing?
In the 1980s, the so-called Shinrin Yoku (bathing in the forest air) was developed in Japan. The positive effects of the forest on human health have already been scientifically investigated and proven. In Japan there are medicinal forests, Shinrin-Yoku hiking trails and "forest medicine" as a recognized scientific discipline. Forest bathing can even be prescribed by a doctor and paid for by health insurances. Also in Europe the conscious stay in nature becomes more and more popular.
Forest bathing with SwedenExperienceTours
What do we do in forest bathing?   
First of all: There are no strict rules for forest bathing. Basically, it's about staying in the forest consciously and attentively. In its simplest form this can be a slow walk, with all senses open to the impressions of the forest. This alone can open one's eyes to how much normally passes by without us actively perceiving it - sounds, smells, the condition of the ground and much more. If you go forest bathing with me, it will be more than a slow walk. I invite you to do various exercises. In this way we will sharpen our senses, breathe consciously, become creative and gain a new view of nature both literally and figuratively. In addition, you can use most of the exercises independently at any time to bring some mindfulness into your everyday life.
Forest bathing with SwedenExperienceTours
Why is forest bathing so healthy?
Stays in the forest have a positive effect on humans, both mentally and physically. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system ("rest & digest") the body reaches a state of recovery - blood pressure drops and stress hormones will be reduced. In addition, the hormone DHEA is increasingly produced, which strengthens the heart and blood vessels.
It is still unknown to many people that the forest has its own communication system. Via terpenes, secondary plant substances, trees communicate with each other and even with the animal world. For example, if a tree is attacked by a parasite, it can warn other trees so that they already can produce antibodies. It has been scientifically proven that the human immune system also becomes strengthened by the inhalation of terpenes. In addition, one day in the forest causes an increase in so called killer cells (part of the non-specific immune defence) of 40% and an increase in their activity of 50%. This effect lasts up to one week. Furthermore, the production of anti-cancer proteins is stimulated. So additional to pure mental relaxation, there are a number of positive physiological effects.

Notice: Please dress warmer than you would for a normal walk, as we often move very slowly. Clothes and shoes must be adapted to the weather!  

The duration is variable but I recommend at least 2 hours.
Forest bathing with SwedenExperienceTours
Forest bathing with SwedenExperienceTours
Forest bathing with SwedenExperienceTours
Forest bathing with SwedenExperienceTours
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